The Data Mining Process In Data Science & Its Essential Tools

Data has now become the new oil for businesses to help them take many revolutionary steps ahead.  The prominence for Big Data & its relevant technologies has immensely risen over the last decade.  Companies are ready to spend millions in to make extract & make the most out of their available data.

Data Science analytics models are best trusted for their accuracy & precision towards extracting & analyzing the data. Data Mining is one among the crucial aspects in the Data Science analytics process lifecycle. Now, let’s have a clear understanding of what exactly is Data Mining what are the most essential tools for the process.

What Exactly Is Data Mining?

Data Mining can be interpreted as the process of extracting the data generated from various sources. This process is very crucial in order to extract the hidden patterns that are encrypted inside the data. The insights that are extracted from accurate data can precisely predict the future behaviors change trends.

With accurate Data Mining businesses can take fact based decisions from the huge amount of structured and unstructured data. While the term Data Mining may be new but this practice is in use from a long time.

The advancements in the Big Data & analytics technologies has made data mining more prevalent and feasible. Businesses can employ more than one technique & can deploy a number of tools to accurately mine data.

Most Popular Data Mining Tools-

  • Rapid Miner

Rapid Miner is a open source software which doesn’t require any additional programming skills to operate. It supports multifaceted data functions such as data pre-processing, predictive analysis and visualization.

The Data Mining Process In Data Science & Its Essential Tools

  • Weka

Weka is an advanced tool for Data Mining which makes use of algorithms in Machine Learning. By making use of Weka, we can execute operations like data pr-processing, clustering, regression, visualization and classification in data mining.

  • R

R is the most popular software tool which is an open source environment. The reason behind its popularity is the presence of several hundreds of libraries that are specially build to support the process of data mining.

In order to become a successful Data Scientist, having knowledge of all these tools is very much crucial. With Analytics Path Data Science Training In Hyderabad program, mastering knowledge of Data Mining & other analytics techniques has become a lot easier.